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Stand Alone Panic Button

R1450.00 Once Off + SIM Charges

Panic Buttons / Stand Alone

Stand Alone Panic Button
R 0.00 
Belt Clip
R 0.00 
Wrist Band
R 0.00 
SIM Charges (R25.00 x 12 Months) R 0.00 
SIM Charges (R20.00 x 24 Months) R 0.00 
Shipping R 0.00 
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Ts & Cs Apply
Total (Incl Vat) R 0.00 


Fully Standalone

No mobile phone or app needed. But includes voice communication capability.

No Setup Required

Fully configured when shipped & includes activated sim card - no complicated commands or SMS’s required.

Status LED’s

Shows you exactly what is happening with your Panic Button. GSM network, GPS, battery - no guessing!

Device Testing

You can test the Panic Button at any time to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

mySOS Panic Button

If you are ever in a situation where you need help and cannot get to, or use your mobile phone - this is the solution!

Just press the Panic Button and the mySOS system will activate your emergency. Your emergency contacts will be notified with your GPS location, type of emergency and other relevant details.

Your Panic Button can also be linked to your own emergency service providers like estate security, security company or medical response to ensure that they are notified when you have an emergency (those service providers will need to have a mySOS link).

Perfect For

Elderly people and those living alone
Your children, when going to busy malls or any public space
Active people training alone
Anyone who has the potential to be in a hostile situation i.e. hijacking

One press is all it takes

One press to automatically notify your mySOS emergency contacts that you have an emergency! No need to find your phone or contact details, it all happens automatically.

GPS and Tracking

Your GPS coordinates are sent to your emergency contacts via SMS when you activate an emergency. mySOS keeps tracking you to ensure help arrives at the right place, everytime.

Anywhere, anytime

A mobile panic button available 24/7.
At home, at work or while you play.
Just press for help!

Fall Detect Function

Fall Detect will automatically notify your emergency contacts when a fall (impact) is detected.

Size 61 x 44 x 16mm
Weight 35 grams
Durability Splash proof (IPx5)
Battery Life 4-6 days under normal circumstances
Battery Type Rechargeable, 3.7V, 850mAh (Li-Polymer)
SIM Card Pre-installed
GPS High sentitivity with A-GPS support
Accessories Belt Clip & Wristband Strap (Optional Extra)

How to Register & Link GSM Panic Button

1)  Open the webpage
2)  Click on Login (top right corner)
3)  For new users, this will take you through a quick and easy registration process
4)  Load you emergency contacts
5)  Follow the steps to Link you Panic Button

How to activate an emergency

1)  Press the Panic Button for 2 seconds
2)  The Panic Button will beep and vibrate when the emergency is activated
3)  Your emergency contacts will be notified (SMS & email)
4)  They can call you on the Panic Button to check if you are ok

How can my emergency contacts call me

1)  The Panic Button is like a cellphone, it can receive voice calls
2)  Up to 2 of your emergency contacts can be allowed to call the Panic Button
3)  The Panic Button will ring and vibrate when someone calls
4)  To answer, press the SOS button or wait – it will auto answer after 3-4 rings

How to clear an emergency

(1)  When you activate an emergency you will receive an SMS
(2)  In the SMS is a link that you can use to view or clear the emergency

How do I know if my Panic Button is connected/working

1)  The Panic Button has 2 LED’s that indicate connection and battery status
2)  If the Green LED flashes twice quickly every 3 seconds it is connected to the mySOS system
3)  A slow (1 second) flash every 3 seconds of the blue LED indicates that the battery level is still ok

Fall Detect functionality

1)  The Fall Detect functionality can be enabled through the user login on the webpage
2)  Once logged in, click on "My Panic Buttons", then on "Settings" to enable or disable Fall Detect
3)  If the Panic Button detects a fall it will start beeping after a short delay. After 10 beeps the Fall Detect emergency will be activated and emergency contacts will be notified
4)  To cancel the Fall Detect emergency activation, give a short press on SOS button (< 2 seconds) before it has beeped 10 times

Why is there a monthly fee?

To pay for the monthly SIM card contract, the data and SMS costs. You Panic Button is continuously connected and communicating with the mySOS server.

How long does the battery last?

Under normal circumstance the battery will last between 4-6 days. Battery life can be affected by numerous things; for example bad GSM coverage, multiple emergency activations or if unit struggles to get a GPS position.

The mySOS system will send a low battery notification SMS to your mobile device once the Panic Button battery goes below 20% (provided the Panic Button is connected).

Meaning of the flashing LED’s

Green LED – indicates GSM network connection status
  Single flash every 3 seconds – device is connected to GSM network but not connected to data network and mySOS servers
  Double flash every 3 seconds – device is connected to GPRS network (this means that it is connected to the mySOS servers)

Blue LED – when NOT on charge
  Off – GPS chip is in sleep mode (will happen when device is stationary)
  Long flash every 3 seconds – device does not yet have a GPS position
  Single short flash every 3 seconds – device has valid GPS position
  Continuous rapid short flashes – battery low

Blue LED – when ON charge
  Off – Panic Button is not charging or is fully charged
  On – Panic Button is charging

How can I test the Panic Button without alerting my emergency contacts?

1)  Login to mySOS webpage.
2)  Click on "My Panic Buttons" in the left menu.
3)  Click on the "Test" button to initiate testing wizard.

How do I switch the unit off?

Press the side button and the SOS button simultaneously. The unit will vibrate and the LED’s will go off. Pressing the side button when the unit is switched off will switch the unit on again.

Low battery notification

Once the Panic Button battery level drops below 20% it will send a notification to the mySOS servers. We will then send an SMS to your mobile phone to warn you that the Panic Button battery is low.
You can disable this functionality from the user login section on the mySOS webpage (once logged in, select "My Panic Buttons", the "Settings")

Is the Panic Button waterproof?

The Panic Button is splash proof but should not be worn while swimming, showering or in the bath. It will withstand rain and small quantities of liquid dropped on it.

Where can I view my Panic Button settings or details of emergencies that I activated?

When you log in on the mySOS webpage you can view all your details, your emergency contact details, status & settings of your Panic Buttons and all the emergencies that have been activated.

How do I change my details or my emergency contacts?

When you log in on the mySOS webpage you can view and edit all your details as well as you emergency contact details.

How does the Panic Button determine my location?

The Panic Button contains a GPS unit that is used to determine your location. It uses assisted GPS (where available) to save power and to improve the time needed to obtain a location. This location is transmitted to the mySOS servers when you activate an emergency.

Ensuring that you Panic Button has a clear skyview will ensure that a location is obtained quicker and has better accuracy.

Do I need the mySOS app installed to use this Panic Button?

No, you do not need to have the mySOS app installed to use the Panic Button. You do not even need to have your phone with you.
But it is still a good idea to install the mySOS app as there are a lot of other features in the app that are not available on the Panic Button.