When you don't know who to call,
When you don't know where you are
When you really need help...


The myStroke Initiative, funded by Boehringer Ingelheim and endorsed by the South African Stroke Society, has successfully supported the establishment of stroke units throughout South Africa. Sixteen of these units have registered on www.myStroke.co.za indicating that they are able to provide specialist stroke care. There are another 40 hospitals that are setting up the systems and should be ready to admit stroke patients within the next 6 months. This means that for the first time in history, South Africans in many cities and towns all over the country have access to protocol driven stroke treatment.

Netcare 911

Technology in your pocket can save time and save lives:

When responding to a medical emergency, response time and the exact location of the patient can be critical to the outcome. Thanks to a new partnership between Netcare 911 and mySOS, smartphone technology is helping to get you the help you need, faster than ever before.


mySOS features a dedicated myStroke “Emergency button”, for direct access to a dedicated national stroke hotline, operated by a specialist medical team at the ER24 National Emergency Call Centre who are responsible for call screening, triage, emergency advice and dispatching of emergency ambulances based on a set of international criteria.


SAPAESA is the South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association, a non-profit, member organization that seeks to constantly improve the standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care in South Africa by combining the shared knowledge and resources of our members to uplift the service provision of the industry as a whole. mySOS tries in all instances to give our users access to the closest and most relevant service providers, which in future will hopefully include all the private ambulance services as well.


Home of Ashburton investments National MTB Series, Nissan Trailseeker and Tour of Legends, shared the mySOS vision of helping event organizers creating safer events. With an event specific button, participants have got 1-button-press access to the event coordinator.

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